It’s often implied that noticing a woman’s beauty and sex appeal goes hand in hand with disrespecting her intellect, her individuality, even her humanity, but it seems to me that’s a fairly limiting way to look at individuals.  Intelligence and individuality are no more relative to appearance than charity and compassion are to shoe size. I know beautiful women who go to lengths to dull themselves down, others who revel in their sensuality, and others still who pay not heed one way or another.  Likewise, I know women who, though not necessarily blessed with classic beauty–or current trends in appearances–nevertheless celebrate themselves with a joy and vigor both enviable and infectious.

I like ’em all.

What we’re looking at here is the product of my understanding that should I incorporate lots of lovely photos of comely ladies in my regular blog I would, at best, be branded as a sexist–possibly a pervert, a misogynist.  Being none of those things, but still wanting to document my agirls-tattoos-32appreciation of the female form….awww, who’s kidding whom?  I see pretty pictures and I want to share them.

I don’t claim the rights on anything herein–if I can find photo credit or link to a source, I’ll include it.  I want the artists responsible to be lauded for the work, and get more of it.  Of course, if something here is yours just drop me a line and I’ll get a credit attached to it, or delete it. I’m here to celebrate what you’ve made.

Everyone else: enjoy





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