Look, Up In The Sky….

Continuing my comments about objectification.  I employ the term ironically, if you didn’t get that.  I’m as feminist as the most people, a lot more than most I think. I believe that anything a man can do a woman can do just as well, if not better.  If anything, I’m a little bit of a…what’s the word…misteroginist?   if I’m underestimating or disrespecting someone, 98 times out of a hundred it’s a guy.  My problem is that I love women too much.  This is my favorite meme right now:



I’m Back…With A Lot of New Photos

First off, in a recent conversation with a delightful lady friend, I gave my best effort to understanding why enjoying imagery of beautiful women is not just a little bit twisted, but deeply insulting to all women.  Everywhere.  Understand that this is a woman I adore, who generally and enthusiastically enjoys, extolls, and incites my twists, so it’s not like we’re antagonists. I remain unconvinced, as long as my admiration of the female form does not cause me to undervalue any woman’s other qualities.

I also take exception to the claim that objectification of women is a result of male dominance. Something tells me this young lady is in total control.